Here comes the readme:

Pixelizer v1
Coded by Judas

Pixelizer is my first public release. The game takes its likeness from the palettes and boards of Animal Crossing. Since there were already so many designs for it, I figured that would be best. The game also take part of its gameplay from Pencil Puzzles. Pencil Puzzles are small puzzles in the back of Tips & Tricks magazine. (Thanks T & T) The object is to fill in squares to form a picture. Well, combining that, with Animal Crossing brings you the addicting game you see here. And yes, there is a coder by the name of Access_Denied who created Pencil Puzzles for the PSP, but in all honesty, the code wasn’t that good. (Sorry Access_Denied) His game is what inspired me to make this. Anyway, here’s what the game is.

The object is simple. Fill in squares until you get a picture. On the right of the giant grid, you will see a block titled “Current Block”. Copy that block’s pixels over to the giant grid, following the coordinates indicated by the two ‘arrows’ to guide you to which box. As you progress, the picture will become more clear, but more confusing at the same time. In this case, look at the preview box to get a smaller, clearer picture of it. When you’re done you shall see the beautiful picture. Then, simply take a screenshot, and you’re done. Start a new puzzle.

R-Trigger + L-Trigger — Change Current Block.
Triangle — Change from giant grid to color select menu.
Cross — Assign the highlighted square the current color.
Start — Take a screenshot. (Saved in ~/Pixelizer/ScreenShots/xxxxx.png)
Select + Circle — Return to menu to select puzzle.

Future Releases
I plan on making future releases, including many, many puzzle releases. Please send all comments, questions, suggestions and bugs to or PM Judas on the forums.

I do plan on releasing more puzzles. But, I also plan on writing a guide on how to make your own puzzles. But, if you decide to make your own, please assign them random names, as to not give away their picture. (I use anagrams of the original name.)

All coding done by Judas.
Thanks to Access-Denied for the idea.
Thanks to Tips & Tricks for the puzzles.
Thanks to for the patterns.
And finally, thanks to for being awesome.