pj1115 has decided to quit the PSP scene and made all his stuff available under the GPL. To get details, please read the release thread.

– PSPG (PSPGuides) – Spent a really long time making them, but Google deleted them and I had to go through an unbelievable amount of trouble to get the files. HTML format. A little outdated (goes as far as 3.02, so Devhook, firmware and custom firmware history, downgraders, etc are out of date).

– HideMedia BETA II(FIX) – The fixed version of BETA II, which caused some reversable ‘damage’ to the MS’s folders. Everything works fine now, or so it should. Includes full source. If you encountered this, use my fixer HERE.

– FirmwareAutoBooter – You may not have met this, but I it fashioned a while ago, borrowing some code here-and-there from the open-source SXT’s BFM. It’s a firmware loader, designed for 1.00 debug, with no GUI, so it’s cool if you set it to autoboot in OE. You’ll boot straight into the emulated XMB. Full source included.

– HTML Sound Hack + Flasher – My HTML sound hack’s latest build, as well as the source code for the flasher. If you didn’t see this, it allowed you to modify the PSP’s default browser sounds (ie, for the menu). I don’t think it works about firmware 3.03 since Sony re-organised the files. HTMLviewer.snd no longer exists.

– Outa-Space PSP – My flash0 space free-ing application. Full source included, as well as some tips for further development (in the main.c).

– PSP3D.com Official XMB Theme + Flasher – I suspect that few of you will be interested in the actual theme (which is outdated and incomplete anyway), though the source code for the flasher is included.

Source: http://forums.qj.net/f-psp-development-forum-11/t-all-my-src-and-latest-binaries-103140.html#post1486988