POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning.

Release notes:

Much thanks go to Marvin Sanchez who has ported POWDER to the PSP so you don’t need to run the GBA version inside an emulator any more. This initial release is still Alpha – I don’t have a PSP to check directly with, so any problems are thanks to my meddling, not Marvin.


Fixed the word-wrap code so you will not see commas at the start of new lines. (Elias Erkamo)
When you die the inventory cursor is reset to the first item so new games will see it in a reasonable starting location. (Colin Pritchard)
When ><0|V| polymorphs your equipped weapon, no longer destroy the weapon if it is polymorph resistant (ie, artifact, unchanging, quest item) (sparrowhawc) Gifted items now appear BY your feet, rather than skipping the preposition. (Michael Brough) Stoned characters no longer report a depth of 255 in the character dump. (Michael Brough) When charging a stack of items, the new charges are split among the items in the stack, meaning there is no longer a significant advantage to charging a stack versus individual items. KnownItems in the Option menu will give you a list of everything you have identified this game, similar to in Nethack. (conkstah) Can no longer swap places when either part is submerged or in a pit (Irashtar) "Prove your worth in my combat arena!" now has sufficient prepositions. (Michael Brough) "Suits of plate" rather than "Suites of plate". (Zach Firth) A wand of dig will make a pit in undiggable levels. (Zach Firth) A bit of spell rebalancing. Sticky flames increased to 10 MP to better reflect its utility. Sunfire significantly boosted as it is supposed to be more overpowered. Create Pit's cost reduced a bit making it a comparable root attack to force bolt. New spell, Flash, that takes Sticky Flame's spot in the spell pre-req chain. (Irashtar) Character dumps to .TXT files have line wrap set to 72 columns rather than 30 so posts of winning characters will be better formated. The input line now has a cursor showing where you are currently typing. A sad day indeed! The nifty mini-game to enter your name on the GBA has been removed in favour of a mundane and boring on screen keyboard! (Zappa Penguin) Text input area has been doubled in size to make it easier to type your name without precision stylus placement. (David Hong, Zappa Penguin) A cursor has been added to the text input to make it clear when space is hit. Your health and mana is now colour coded if it is not at maximum. Yes, David, I have already added a note that some people may want an option to disable this. Successfully compiled on a 64bit Linux machine, so hopefully all of my evil pointer casts have been dealt with. Throwing a -2 mithril chainmail in the air will no longer heal you. Belweir's library now also has scrolls. (Brog) Adjusted inventory wrapping again. Horizontal movement will only move which column you are in and no longer adjust your row. Vertical movement will stay inside the equipped item list if you start there, otherwise loop over all of your unequiped items. This better matches the logical separation of these two lists. (Irashtar) Finger of Death description adds some text to clarify it is a ray spell and accidents occur due to reflections. (Irashtar) Flails wildly replaced by Completely misses which is a bit less confusing about the origin of the text. (Irashtar) I normally document every small grammar fix that occurs, but then someone gives me a few pages of corrections. Numerous fixes thanks to R. Dan Henry.