POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. Author of this piece of software is Jeff Lait.


[All but GBA]: When you load a game, the fact you have loaded it is immediately saved. This means you can no longer power down before you die to avoid save scumming. (Eilu, Zach Firth)
Familiars always leave corpses to facillitate their resurrection.
Petrified creatures count to your kill total
You are only punished for the death of a familiar when the death becomes irrevocable.
The party guilty for creating traps, lava, etc, is now tracked so proper responsibility can be assigned. (Andrew Poandl)
Dodge Skill’s “foes” properly ‘ified. (David Damerell)
Extra flavour text from Eilu.
Ricochet skill for arrows. (Furrot)
You can climb trees. (Adam Boyd)
When a bitmap has to many colours, it now fails more gracefully. (Ibson the Grey)
An embarassing mistake in combat calcs has been fixed. It is now the attacker’s skill, not the defender’s, used to roll attack bonus. This will mean weapon skills are more necessary and make monsters more threatening since they always default to 2 stars.
Jumping out of a pit only moves you one square. (Irashtar)
Incorrect there in helm of draining description (Mark Rushakoff)
Adjusted some monster sizes to better reflect how I envision them. Hopefully this doesn’t affect food nutrition balance too much. (David Damerell)
When you die your options are saved even if you don’t make the high score table. (Zappa Penguin)
Knock no longer closes the door if an item or creature blocks it.
Knock cast on doors with creatures on them will knock them back and damage them slightly. (Lim-Dul)
Light radius for creatures on fire increased to 2 from 1 to make it a bit less subtle. (R. Dan Henry)
[Start] and [Select] can be used to enter and shift respectively on the on-screen keyboard. (Zappa Penguin)
You can eat water elementals, but be warned there might still be some life in them. (Eilu)
Polying into or polying back into gargantuan forms will crush any walls that would entrap you. (Korgoth)
Flaming swords slightly nerfed to 1d3 fire damage to prevent them from being such an obvious weapon choice.
New item: lightning rapier. (Terje)
New item: ice mace.
Imps summoned by demons that you summon will no longer attack you provided the demon stil lives.
Monsters should now open doors if they are smart enough. (Derek Ray)
New monster: Kobold Thief.
You can now wish to learn a skill directly rather than having to acquire the specific book.
“wizard’s hands” in chilling touch description, “an uber-storm” for a living frost, along with an extra hyphen in that description. Description of Pax clarified to resolve amiguous sentence and disarm skill description has an s returned to it. Finally, another lost s added to the flesh golem description. (R. Dan Henry)
“You gain insight into the nature of foo.” now has a full stop. (David Damerell)
Ibson the Grey has produced a new 32×32 tileset based on the rltiles to give you some high resolution POWDER experience. Since this isn’t the 16×16 res, it doesn’t come packaged with POWDER but has to be installed manually from the artpack.

Note: While the highscore is kept, save games are never preserved between versions. Please wait until your current character dies before upgrading.