This plugin has been designed and coded to optimize the energy consumption of the PSP while we stay in the XMB.

This plugin has 4 main functions described here.

-Music Mode: To activate this mode you have to press L+R, this performs an underclock to 60Mhz for the CPU and 30 Mhz for the main system bus, suitable to listen to your Mp3 and even ATRAC music files. Pressing again L+R will set the CPU/Bus speeds to the ones you had previously configured.

-ToggleIdle: This mode disables the autoidle feature of the console (not of the screen) this mode can be toggled on/off by pressing R+START, useful when watching pictures of any kind.

-PowerLock: Pressing R+NOTE you will block the console power switch in order to prevent an accidental turn off of the system, if you toggled it on and you attempted to turn off the console it will simply don’t, but when you unlock it, the console automatically will turn off (if you did not touch the power switch it will unlock but it won’t turn off the system).

-Black Screen Mode: Pressing L+START we turn off the PSP screen until we press L+START again, the screen will turn on and set itself with the previous brightness level we had. Useful used toghether with Music Mode it can save you a lot of battery!

-Software full power off: Pressing R+SQUARE, the system will turn off totally, this feature was too easy to implement, I lef this here because you liked it, and if it is useful to someone I won’t remove it.