Power Manager is a power management application tool for Playstation Portable.


Allows you to reach brightness level 99.(same as 100)
Plug psp in to charger to unlock the full brightness of the screen.(higher then the fourth brightness
off the slim)
Plug psp in to charger for forced 333mhz cpu clock.
can auto-clock the cpu based on usage.(to save more power.)
can enable/disable the MAX brightness when plugged in.
works along-side CWCheat for increased power saving.
CW-Cheat Companion Mode(see notes)
Companion Mode is enabled by defualt, to disable see controls.


* added ability to turn on and off maximum brightness anytime.
* added ability to set your own custom brightness.
* added ability to set power saving brightness when battery is low
* added ability to set your own battery low percentage
* added ability to automatically enable max brightness when pluged in.
* added config file.
* changed/added controls.
* Released with PMI.
* Other small things.