PReSS stands for Portable RSS. And that’s just what it is: an RSS reader for the Playstation Portable. Let PReSS connect to any WiFi access point and you’re good to go. With it’s 6 hour battery lifetime, reading the news while travelling was never easier.


— Image full screen – Handy for comics or another way of browsing topics
— Added Newly Added category under catalogue
— add links to browser bookmarks
— auto-update
— font size
— hide feed view
— feed update combo
— next unread combo
— faster saving/loading feeds
— fixed leftmost pixel column bug: the leftmost column is simply not blitted anymore, wich would display improperly sometimes
— added activity indicator for feed download: if it doesn’t move for 5 seconds; it never will
— parrallel feed downloading cuts waiting time
— Improved unreadable character replacement