maxthebest updated his PSP protection program.

Release notes:

Hi all.
Here I release the first revision of the final version of protect-me
Here are the changelogs since v4.0
-Added an onscreen keyboard, so that it’s easyer to input the password. (only in the prx, not in the installer…)
-Remade a good part of the code (thanks to the keyboard…)
-Now you won’t see the XMB behind your password prompt, but just … a black screen.

To install it, follow the readme instructions (in english). (but that’s not hard, unzip it, run the eboot and activate the prx…)
Here is a quote from this readme:

Final version revison 0.1
By MaxTheBest
Your questions on http:/

-Unzip the archive at MS root
-Edit the vsh.txt file and add ms0:/seplugins/protectme.prx
-Set the password you’d like using the eboot installer (don’t do it if you don’t want to set a passwrod.
it’ll still save the history of power on…
-Activate the plugin through recovery menu.
-New eboot icones by j3r3mie

What’s new:
-now you enter the passsword with a keyboard.
-You can’t see the xmb behind the password.

DOWNLOAD Final V0.1:

For more informations, go:
Here for french speakers
Here for english speakers

If you want to tell me something, an idea or anything, contact me via PM or at my email: