maxthebest updated his Protect-Me application for PSP. This application allows you to set a password on startup.


In the Installer:
-Changed the interface totally, now you have a nice one.
-Recoded most of the eboot.
-New options:
-You can now exit via the menu
-You can now uninstall the prx, and password and history file
-You can now delete the password without deleting the prx (to keep history function)
-You can reset the history (clear the file)
-Now the installer checks wether vsh.txt exist or nopt, if it does not exist:
– it creates it
– It adds ‘ms0:/…blah blah blah” so that you don’t have to do it yourself)
-The prx checks wether the good line is writen in vsh.txt, if it does not, then it adds it.
So now the installation is easier, you just put the eboot in your psp and launch it, and then activate the prx, nothing else!
-Changed ‘********’ to ‘aaaaaaaa’ because it caused some little problems.
In the prx:
-Changed ‘********’ to ‘aaaaaaaa’ because it caused some little problems.