Protect-Me is a security application for PSP’s.


-Now when the alarm is played, the PSP volume is automatically set to Maximum volume (noisy little trick ^^)
-An option menu has been added (working with a file which is ms0:/seplugins/config.mtb)
-In the option menu you can set to play the alarm sound after 3 wrong passwords or not.
-The Credits have been updated
-The Credit, The option, and the set password menues have been modified so you can more easily exit (exit jey used to be different in each menu, now it’s the same.)
-Now, when you set the password, a confirmation message is displayed, telling you what password you are trying to set, and asking you if you still want to set it or not. (I added that because someone asked me to, and I think it’s quite a good idea… because some people might set a password that isn’t what they thought it was…)
-Colors have been changed in some menues (No more red, it was too much ‘agressive’ wasn’t it?)
-Menus have been optimised
-Now splash screen is only displayed at first use, and then it isn’t (so you can access menu faster…)
-The On Screen Keyboard has been modified, it used to be kind of complicated (when you pressed up or down, you never happened to go to the letter you wanted to go to… now you should!)
-Many minor bugs have been corrected …