PRXutility++ allows you to gain several information about your battery, such as time left, charge level, temperature and voltage. It also shows you which motherboard your PSP has and gives information about CPU and BUS speed.

PRXutility++ also allows you to shutdown, reboot or let your PSP sleep.


* Code reorganized and optimized

* Compatibility with firmware 4.01 M33, 5.00 M33 and 5.02 GEN

* Separation now prxutility + + prx into two:
– One for xmb (VSH)
– One for game

* New in the Information menu (on the battery …):
– The menu has been slightly modified level available on the screen
РThe time remaining is shown otherwise fa̤con more understandable:
now there are a remaining time in hours and minutes remaining that lets you know precisely the remaining
– Add the date in the form day / month / year
– Addition of hours in the form (s): minute (s): second (s)
– You can now know the current thread running
– Added display your PSP firmware
– Added model Pommel
– The menu information can now be fully translated (in English (file: trad.en this in the “language” of prxutility + +) or French (file: this in the “language” of prxutility + +))

* All keys prxutility + + are now customizable:
go to the files in the “configuration” of prxutility + +:
– Or prxutility [VSH]. Ini to change the keys used by prxutility + + in xmb
– Or prxutility [game]. Ini to change the keys used by prxutility + + in game
This allows the user greater ease of use in games, homebrews …

* Add a file explorer and folders that allows both games, homebrews in the xmb:
– Consult both the memory stick, the flash0 the flash1 the Flash2 and Flash3 by simply pressing START
– Delete files, folders (but if the files are present in a folder, it will not be deleted but will only files deleted).
However, the suppression is possible only in the memory stick to “protect” users who are not accustomed to handling flash0 :/…
– Launch of eboot, prx, iso and cso

* Now when you access a menu of prxutility + + (but also for the file explorer) the keys xmb or homebrews, games are blocked to improve the comfort of navigation in the menu prxutility + +

* Prxutility + + 6.0 also allows you to start the recovery in full sail it ETDE xmb like the custom firmwares GEN, however:
– To save the change: just select exit recovery menu and then press the keys prxutility + + to leave the recovery.
If you do not want to save the changes, simply press the keys prxutility + + to leave the recovery.
In both cases, the PSP rebootera then.
– The recovery can not be launched in full or homebrew games

* Creating a history of access to the xmb and play, with homebrew:
– Creation of a text file in the folder prxutility + + (named for lastaccessxmb.txt xmb access and access to lastaccessgame.txt in game)
which included the date and time of last access
– While also creating a history in the “historyaccessxmb” for VSH and historyaccessgame “game for having access to all xmb and game (with date and time of access each time) (these files are located in the prxutility file + +)
– Possibility to erase the entire history (text + historical record) or the game xmb

* Add in the Configuration menu to release or (re) block keys (the xmb, games …) in access menus prxutility + + (except the file browser)

* Adding a 3-second delay before you can view the menus (to prevent bugs in the start of the PSP)

* Another important novelty of prxutility + + is the integration of a keyboard rather easy to use (by pressing L and R buttons by default, but modifiable see above).
Abbreviation of certain information on the keyboard:
– ENTER = before the text (to save a file or start the application whose path has been entered in the text box)
– DEL = delete the last character of your sasi
– Ms0: / = shortcut that enables direct “ms0: /” in the text box
– SPACE space
– TXT = toggles in the way of writing text (ie “Text Writer” see below)
– APPL = toggles in launch mode of application (ie “Launch App” see below)
– JUM = line
– TYPE = switching between the mode of writing upper and lower case
The keyboard can be two major tasks:
– The first (entitled “Text Writer”) allows you to write text directly from the xmb or in game, handy if you want to write a note to remember.
To save what you wrote, simply select JUM (= line) and write directly on the new space without the path where you want to register: there is a keyboard in the “ms0: /” which lets you select when to view directly into the area before
“ms0: /” which makes your life easier ^ ^. Example: You can enter as a way: “ms0: / blabla.txt. After entering the path: START press ENTER or select the keyboard to register
– The second (entitled “Lauch App”) lets you eboot, iso, cso prx and entering the road from the keyboard and pressing START or selecting ENTER

In the “Text Writer”, the number of lines written is displayed and you are entitled to a maximum of 250 lines

* Added a new customizable from its memory stick without touching the flash0:
– Reminder:
* Tuto:
create a “theme” at the root of the memory stick;
put (s) file (s) you want (but belong to the files cited by customizable prxutility + +) in this case;
* + + Prxutility checks for these files to launch the PSP in order to prevent bugs
* If you are in 4.01 M33 you can use this feature, but not to the file “osk_plugin_500.rco” in the “theme” because it can lead to bugs (freeze the PSP)

* The bus speed has been increased and increased to 32 instead of 28 MHz in order to have a better record of its economy mode when the battery

* Now when HOLD is activated, the PSP is no longer in the battery saving mode using frozen (but still normal mode HOLD ie with only the buttons blocked).

* To switch to the battery saving mode with keys locked, simply put the analog stick down and activate the same time HOLD

* The history and the credentials of the Internet browser of the PSP were deleted in more appronfondis (prxutility + + delete cookies from now flash1: /)

* Fixed many bugs:
– The bug that causes prolonged support of keys (including pes2009) was set
– No problem slow to point out:)
– The vshmenu appears now normally