TRStealthX updated his security application PSAFE.

Release notes:

Wohoo! Just like I promised, the 3rd version of PSAFE is finally released!

Youtube Video:

– IP ADDRESS UPDATE: You are now able to update your IP address. The system will check to make sure that your IP address isn’t the same and update it if necessary.
– CONNECTION LOG: You are now able to view all of your PSP’s connections. You can print out the log information if you want. The logs will tell you whether the connections were from your computer or not.
– NEW PSP THEFT CHECK: Due to the amount of ISPs that refresh your IP address a few times a week, I now added a new way for your computer to recognized. The check application will make sure that its your computer by the IP Address AND the computer’s nickname.

Future Releases:
I really want to make a 4th version for the PSP itself, something that you can flash to the PSP and not have to worry about having a memory stick. However, I managed to drop my PSP today in such a way that the screen broke, along with the UMD door. I have no way of coding a new version without a PSP of my own and so I’m relying on donations. You can help make a difference for PSAFE and for your PSP community. It doesn’t matter how much you donate, seriously. Donate .50 cents if that’s all you can! As soon as I have the money for the PSP, I will take the donations down.

Please leave your name along with the donation, that way I can have your name on the special thanks part of the PSP application.