Text by thefRont:

you probably all know the great ready-to-go PSPSDK environtment made by ZX-81 running a Xubuntu installation inside VirtualBox. If not just keep reading…

ZX-81 did a really great job with his PSPSDK environment. As far as I can tell it has been used by many PSP developers and got a very good reputation. My best regards go to him as I was successfully using his environment for the past months.

Unfortunatly as time passed, the PSPSDK developed further but the environment didn’t get updated. So if you wanted to get the latest version of the SDK you’d have to update it on your own. As updating can be a very frustrating and time consuming issue I’ve finally come up with a brand new version of such an environment.

Based on ZX-81 environment it also contains all the tools you would expect plus some extra tools like PSPLINK and an already configured Eclipse CDT for developing and debugging your applications.

Get full details at the release thread.