Mediumguage has done it again! PSP Filer a file explorer with few extras has been updated.


– added French and Serbian mode.
– reduced EBOOT size.
– added a column to rip UMD – see “” section in readme.english.txt.

– fixed a bug that some kind of zip format could not be extracted. (warning: Filer still does not support encrypted zip)
– fixed a bug that some kind of mp3 could not be played.
– added a directory-size calculation mode. use L key to toggle (6 patterns): drawn by bytes, Kbytes, Mbytes, by bytes (with directory), Kbytes (w/d) and Mbytes (w/d)
– changed default directory color into 00FFFF.
– changed specifications when aborted UMD ripping, to remove the unfinished ripped file.
– added a feature to show FW version and whether the PSP is slim or not in HELP screen. (even if running on PSP slim, under FW version less than 3.71, it is considered as a normal PSP)
– added a feature to use extra 32MB memory for RAMDISK if PSP slim. (test version)
– added a feature to view extra 32MB memory by memory viewer if PSP slim.
– added a feature to see memory usage occupied by RAMDISK files on RAMDISK device info.

text viewer:
– fixed a bug that a file larger than 2kb in CSO file could not be drawn correctly.