are currently having a homebrew coding competition.


Update: The contest deadline has been extended – please submit final entries by May 30th, 2008. Furthermore, PSP Hacks member, Donkey, has donated his fully hacked 3.90 M33 PSP with carrying case, car charger, and 2GB memory stick. The lucky winner will receive that plus the $500 (CDN) cash prize.

We at PSP Hacks truly enjoy the fine art of homebrew development. Over the years we’ve held several contests allowing authors to showcase and reap the benefits from their hard work.

Now it’s due time for another PSP Hacks homebrew showdown. Unlike previous competitions we let you — the player — be the judge. This time ’round there will only be one homebrew evaluator — that’s me.

All submitted entries will be posted and readily available for download; while other users feedback is certainly appreciated, I’ll be the one responsible for selecting your Global PSP Hacks Homebrew Idol.


Create a new homebrew app/game or PRX plugin that will blow mine and everyone else’s face off;
Update your existing homebrew/plugin to feature something new that will blow mine and everyone else’s face off;
Entries must be compatible with custom firmware 3.90 M33-2;
Multiple updates/versions before the deadline (see rule #5) are allowed;
All final entries must be submitted before March 31st April 30th, 2008.
1st place will land you $500 (CDN) cash OR a brand new PSP Slim + games/accessories equaling $500 in value — your pick. All other contestants will receive a complimentary kudos and a make believe participation ribbon.

If interested, send your creation to

Should you have any questions and/or concerns, please leave those below.