This is an Alarm application which utilizes the PSP’s Hardware Capabilities, setting an Alarm that will wake up the PSP from either Sleep Mode or Powered Off (standby) mode. It is compatible with ALL PSP’s including Slim & Light.


+ Internet Time Synchronization with NIST Time Servers
+ Currently the only Alarm Application compatible with ALL PSP’s including PSP SLIM.
+ Sleep Mode Alarm with support for custom MP3 Audio file.
+ Power Off Mode Alarm that plays sound in XMB with support for Cutom Sound; Consumes virtually 0% POWER
+ 12/24 Hr Time Formats
+ Fully Compliant with DAY TIME PROTOCOL (RFC-867) with support for Daylight / Standard
+ More Accurate time keeping than XMB’s DNAS service, with Network Delay compensation; automatically adjusts for network delays of transmission from server.
+ Display’s Hour’s and Minutes remaining as the Alarm time is being set; updated in real time.
+ Alarm can be set up to 23 hours 59 minutes in future.
+ Alarm Accurate to the Second.
+ Streamlined, extremely easy to use interface.
+ Shows Seconds & Milliseconds;
+ Aligned Time Display (Constant Length).
+ Checks to make sure if an alarm was already set last time, if so, sets the alarm to that time. Reads time from ms0:/seplugins/HAPoweroffSupport.305 if it exists.,5305.0.html