PSP Hexen II ver. 1.0 is a port of Raven Software’s Hexen II to the PSP. It is based on PSP Quake port by Peter Mackay and original Hexen II source code.

Release notes:

– Software rendering.
– Single player game and Portal of Praevus single player game
– Sound
– Save/Load
– Console commands
– Command line commands (through ‘hexen2.cmdline’ file)
– Multiple screen resolutions (trough command line params)
– User made maps loading (from console or command line params)
– Demo recording and playback (from console)
– On Screen Keyboard

– Music playback (disabled)

– Multi player (creating multi player game works)

Known issues:
– No progress bar displayed when starting/loading/saving game (disabled because of stability problems)
– Restart or reload of a current map necessary if value of console variable ‘r_transwater’ is changed (otherwise water surfaces will not be rendered correctly)
– User made mods with modified progs.dat files will not work
– Sprite models with width or height that is not multiple of 4 can cause game to crash
– Some weird graphical artifacts can be observed sometimes

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