PSP Installer has been updated! IT allows you to install various homebrew via a fancy interface. This application basically allows you to download and automatically install Games, Apps, Theme’s, Save Games, whatever goes into the PSP Folder


+Added: Categories, now everything is split into 4 categories, Games, Applications, Theme’s and Savegames
=Fixed: If you choose a blank option on the browse page, it will initiate your wlan but then tell you it’s unable to download a blank application
=Unfixable: Deletion of Zip file’s. There’s a bug in PGELua that prevents zip files to be closed, so since there still classed as open and in use, they can’t be deleted.
=Fixed: When updating database, current database version text changed to latest database version text when it should have stayed at current database version text… it’s hard to explain.. anyway it’s fixed