PSP Installer is an application that will automatically download and install homebrew games and apps, saves, wallpapers and more, but only if the repository that you select has those files for download!


-> New Scrolling Menu System, no page system anymore!! Scroll up and down through the menu’s!
-> Repository System, this allows other people to host games, apps, anything really! So im not so depended on anymore
-> Install anything to anywhere on the PSP System, not just restricted to certain folders because PSPInstaller now treats the zip file as if it is the ROOT of the memory stick when it installs things!
-> No repetative Start WLAN, Stop WLAN, it’s needs to be on for the app to work now otherwise, you’ll get kicked out It will initialise at the start of the application! If you switch your WLAN Switch to off while the app is running and your not in the middle of downloading something it will tell you that Wireless is needed, if your downloading something, then it will just wait on that screen forever (NO FIX FOR THIS).
-> Major credits where credits due (Check top screenie for list)