PSP Mario is a clone of Super Mario Bros. for the PSP.


Firstly, let me just take you through what the game is, what to expect from it and what about the future?

What The Game Is?
This game is my own personal attempt at trying to clone super mario bros., it has taken a long time to get to this stage and when i say ‘my own’ i do mine just me, from the beginning to now it has been only me coding this by myself in my own spare time, sometimes i do get stuck and ask for a bit of advice from a few people but that’s it. So for me this is well…a great achievement really i was very proud with v0.01 but this is a step above. If your expected a perfect clone then this isn’t for you. I’d personal say that about 97% is the same with a that 3% being different (updated graphics, controls obviously etc.)

What To Expect?
Basically the game itself is a tech demo, it isn’t no full Mario experience with loads of levels, for a level count there is still only 1 level in this game. I’ve released this mainly to get feedback, what people like/don’t like, improvements & what should be added next?

The game is a step above v0.01, with alot of improvements, the full list is underneath:
-Everything from Version 0.01
-Collision between enemies
-Mini-Mario Logic implanted into the game (i.e you can’t smash the brick blocks!)
-Full Green Koopa A.I including Idle state, Shell state.
-Coins have been added, stand alone coins ain’t 100% done yet.
-Coin Blocks Have been added, note: that so far coin blocks are only in ‘?’ blocks, there isn’t any hidden coins in any of the Brick Blocks but I’ll add that soon
-Red Koopas are also added into the game, but the A.I isn’t 100% (Red koopas don’t fall off ledges, but that’s all that needs to be done with them)
-Added a few more of the classic sound effects like the Coin, Kick etc. (i can’t seem to find the Brick block one, where you as little mario hear the ‘thund’ sound )
-Had to re-do the map format, this means that previous created maps won’t work, I’ll release the updated editor during the week sometime.
-(Even though you don’t see this, i have the level system up & running, which will switch you from level to level)
-Fixed a bug with Mario dying (where he’d just keep falling & falling)
-A lot of other minor fixes which i honestly can’t remember, its been so long

What About The Future?
The future is very bright for this game, probably the next update will be sometime around spring when i hope to enter the NeoFlash Compo for the first time , but immediate plans would be:

-Finish Red Koopas & Stand Alone coins
-Add Invisible blocks
-Add coins into special Brick Blocks
-More levels (Defiantly!)
-Finish off Level system (needs some touching up even though the base is their)
-Start on Big Mario additions

So if you want to help me then just download the game & tell me what you think, but one thing in advance i did say this is only a Tech Demo!, so please don’t wine about it needs more levels, if you download this expecting a vast amount of levels to play then i warned you.

Anyway Video Link:
YouTube – PSP Mario – Update 7 Another Big Update!

And Finally the lovely download link (note: i would have used the download service here on qj to upload the file seeing as it would be a more secure & better link but i can’t access it)
Download PSP Mario – The New Worlds v0.02 Minor bug fix.rar from – send big files the easy way

Oh And one last thing, ‘The New Worlds’ is a working title, eventually i will add my own/others people levels into the game which will then be ‘The New Worlds’

Game Controls:
Start – pause/un-pause
X – jump
R Trigger – run (only when holding down the trigger will the player run, otherwise it walks)
Analog/left & right direction pads = move

And to note that the video was made using RemoteJoy, it records at 30fps, game runs at 60fps.