PSP Mario is a clone of Super Mario Bros. for the PSP.


-Finished off the red koopa a.i
-Finished off the stand alone coins
-Improved the A.i code and lagging with hitting shells
-Added in Background Music for Overworld both the hurry version and general version
-Improved the animation code by using timers instead of counter based (still dislike the timer module hugely though)
-Added in Invisible blocks (YAY!)
-Completely changed the movement and jumping to a more progressive form rather than static by this i mean you can build up speed and loss speed by moving/not moving, same goes for jumping, the longer you hold X the higher you jump compared to just tapping it.
-Added in Clipping logic on blocks where if you barely clipped a block you’d be placed to the side in which you hit it rather than actually hitting it. (Used in the brick blocks, ? Mark blocks and Invisible blocks )
-Added 2 more levels, the first is very big at 650×17 (more than double the original) the seconded is 350×17 (i think, can’t remember but it’s around their)
-Added in death animations for both koopas (green & red) & for goombas when hit by shell.
-Changed the positioning of the HUD to fill the screen more and added a few improvements to make it look more like the original for example, the score is now 0000000 instead of just the 0 like the old version
-Have a “OK” menu now which shouldn’t confuse anyone on which character to pick still the GFX isn’t great also a loading screen is now present takes 3 seconds to load everything
-Reverted to using the classic old school 8bit Mario graphics, fit in a lot better with the game now and less hassle for me seeing as the custom sprites i used weren’t exactly to scale.