Juraj Styk has udpates his port of PSP Quake 1 based on the PSP Quake port by Peter Mackay and Chris Swindle.


– Fixed bug that prevented changing sky texture between levels (HW rendering only)
– Fixed z-buffer related bug when rendering sprites (HW rendering only)
– Added options to turn on vertical synchronization and dithering (HW rendering only)
– Reorganized options menu (Select ‘more options’/’less options’ to switch options list)
– Added more options for analog stick controls
– Added analog stick strafing (while you hold stafe button or always if allowed options menu )
– Configurable heap size
– MP3 playback changed from madlib library to playback trough module in firmware
– New command line options
– Simple startup screen to choose game mod directory, heap size and cpu clock (use -prompt command line option)

This game is for PSP with firmware versions custom firmwares (should work on fw 1.5 but it was not tested on fw 1.5). Developed and tested on PSP with firmware version ‘3.40 OE’. For running mods you will need files from full version of Quake.