RHYTHM is an audio sequencer for the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable).

RHYTHM was created to entertain and inspire the end user (producer) by allowing the user to create music with a high level of artistic freedom.

RHYTHM is a single player game where the user organizes sounds into rhythmic and melodic patterns, and then organizes the patterns into complete, exportable songs. Up to 16 sounds can be simultaneously sequenced with a precise degree of control in up to 64 patterns. These patterns can then be arranged into a song which can consist of up to 999 song steps. The user can then export the completed song as CD quality PCM wave files.

The heart of RHYTHM is its sample based audio engine aptly named the RHYTHM ENGINE. The RHYTHM ENGINE enables the user to chop, pitch-shift, time-stretch, and effect digital audio files.

The graphic user interface (GUI) is designed to be a highly efficient visual aid to the creative process of producing electronic music. RHYTHM clearly displays the basic building blocks of audio sequencing, musical notation, sound editing, effects processing, and song arrangement in a well defined and organized manner. The GUI is easy to navigate while still providing detailed information and control over the users music.

RHYTHM uses four pattern mode views (PATTERN, TRACK, WAVE, & EFFECTS) and one song mode view (SONG) to display all song information. Each view has similar control and data input. Each view displays a specific type of information. PATTERN VIEW displays an overview of each pattern. TRACK VIEW displays sound specific pitch information. WAVE VIEW displays sound specific sample information. EFFECTS VIEW displays an overview of the effects applied to each sound.

The control scheme and button implementation is designed to be simple and easy to understand. Button functions are intuitive and require little guidance to learn. Control functionality is consistent throughout each view.

RHYTHM’s simple and intuitive interface gives the user access to an otherwise complex music process. Producing music is streamlined which keeps creative ideas flowing instead of being interrupted by a bombardment of programming features and a cascade of menus and sub-menus. With beat templates and instrument sequences, RHYTHM will instantly bring out the music producer in everyone.

Release notes:

07-04-2008 PSP Rhythm 8.0 Released. -New User Interface, Optimized Audio Engine, ADSR Synth Mode