Steve Dragoon has released his RGP game PSP-RGP.

Official release notes:

It’s been close to 3 years or something. My time in working on this game is still more to come, but it’s been very slow and I’m now the only working person on it. I will soon make everybody able to edit and create, but right now it’s time for me to release this open beta. As I’ve gotten older, it just seems my time for the project decreases and I try to keep the fans going as much as I can. I held this for too long and maybe it’s time for me to open this up and show all what this is really about.

If things goes well with the open beta, maybe I can find more talented people to help me out on the project. I do have to thank a lot of people for the time and help they have put into this project, and I haven’t finished the OPTIONS and CREDITS in the RPG. Though this is a big achievement for me to release PSP-RPG to the public I hope all goes well. I’m sorry for the long wait all of you had to suffer. lol.

I do keep my word, even though this was held for a long time. I never wanted to gain hype, or anything. It just came and I wanted to learn more on PHP + JavaScript and databasing and I’ve learned a lot from PSP-RPG and this is work I’ve done on my free time and also the earlier version of the RPG back in 2004 I was a part of. To everybody who stayed by my side during my hard work. I thank you, and to the haters, I thank you too, becuase there is not a world without them.

I just want to let you know I will still work on PSP-RPG and it will always be running. With the RPG and our Flash Games that are still being created, It was the PSP fans that really kept me going. From running on a free (and crappy) webhosting site, to paying for and building my own creation. It took my money, my sweat and my time. Even though I can’t be here all the time, I thank all of you. What else can I say?

Oh well, PSP-RPG is now available to to the public. My maverick force members get the taste. Yall go ahead and spread the word

Picture source: Mitsudigi