PSP Sokoban is a sokoban game for the PSP.

Changes in v0.7:

_8 new characters ichigo bankai , Grimmjow (bleach) , Toad , Trunk (dbz), Cloud (ff7),baby mario ,tails( sonic) , ness (nintendo).
_Add 3 new level
_There is a music in the option
_fix a bug who doesn’t play correctly sounds on the main menu.
_Floor is replaced by sprites
_A best system of savedata ( only 1 file )
_A lot of target has changed
_A best system of high score , can now save the 5 first best score.
_Can now take screenshots on game with square
_Can now change CPU frequency , to change opend pspsokoban/data/cpufrequency.txt end write the frequency.
ex : if you want the game run at 266mhz write “266” on the file.
_fix a forget on the level 23 ( missed one target)
_Change the SDN0.at3 (music of the eboot)