PSP Time Baby is a clock application for the PSP.


– Bugfix to moon phase calculator implementation.
– Added Sunrise and Sunset sub display mode with rooster alarm that sounds at Sunrise.
– Added day of the week sub display mode which also shows the date.
– Added time announcement duration setting to the speech window. This setting is active in all other modes,
and saved with other user options.
– The Triangle button no longer resets the sub display mode, and the current sub display mode is now saved
with other user options.
– All program dialogue is shown in the user selected colour for uniformity of the program interface.
– Added auto detection of iRshell. PSP clock speeds are not set by Time Baby if launched from iRshell.
– HOME button now resets the PSP unit instead of powering it down.
– Minor graphics fixes and enhancements.
– PSP unit clocked at 136/146/1.
– Added a new Easter egg for the most 1337 users to find!