PSP Tool is a multi-purpose utility to application which can perform various general management functions on a PlayStation Portable console.

This includes:

– Backup and Restore the IdStorage of the PSP
– Check the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or a file located on the Memory Stick
– Check, Backup, Restore and change the battery EEPROM
– Connect various devices through a USB cable
– Create a checksum of the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or an IPL located on the Memory Stick
– Create a variety of different Magic Memory Sticks
– Erase the entire IPL space of the Memory Stick
– Extract the IPL injected on the Memory Stick to a file
– Format the Memory Stick
– Inject a variety of included IPLs or an IPL from a file to the Memory Stick


– Added: Support for 2.71 SE and 1.50 running under Time Machine and check to disable running on 3.71.
– Fixed: RSOD when choosing ‘Test M33’ feature on a DC7 MMS created with this application (only occured on Fat).
– Fixed: Issue using SQUARE as part of the boot key when creating a Magic Memory Stick.
– Fixed: Issue which could arise when creating more than one Magic Memory Stick in a single session.
– Other: Other Memory Sticks can now be formatted by first clicking on the format item in the menu and before answering yes to the questions insert the second Memory Stick.
– Other: To reduce the risk of a BSOD when installing or running a firmware from a Magic Memory Stick the registry of a 1.50 system is now copied instead of the registry of the current system (to use the current systems registry files hold the L trigger while the Magic Memory Stick is being created.)
– Other: Implemented a check for modules which are known to cause issues with PSP Tool. If any of these modules are found a message is first shown with the modules which need to be disabled and then the PSP performs a reboot. To disable this check hold the R trigger while loading the game.
– Updated: Now uses VLF library 1.0 by moonlight.
– Updated: Updated the information shown in the System Information panels.