Homebrewing is possible now on a PSP-3000! This might also enable a way in the near or far feature to install a CFW? Read on:

Quote from Fanjita:

You’ve probably seen the news that MaTiAz and FreePlay have found an exploit in the ancient game GripShift, which works on all PSPs (including PSP3000) and up to the latest Sony 5.02 firmware.

This is great news, it’s been a long time since a new game exploit was published, and it opens the way for at least user-mode homebrew on the PSP3000. Here at Noobz we saw the bat-signal calling for “someone who has experience in progressing exploits” to help out with developing this one further, and I’m glad to announce that we’ll be joining forces with FreePlay and MaTiAz.

The exploit already includes an SDK to allow porting of homebrew by devs, but that’s cumbersome. Our initial focus will be to make it easier to run standard homebrew via this exploit, by adapting eloader to it. This will be restricted purely to user-mode homebrew, since there is currently no public kernel-mode exploit that could be used here, and compatibility is likely to be patchy due to the security measures in the later firmwares which make determining all the syscalls almost impossible. Still, you can expect that at least some emulators and other popular pure user-mode homebrew will run.

Beyond that, if anyone finds a usable route to kernel-mode then a HEN and downgrader ought to be doable, but we’re not focussing on that at this time.

Pre-announcements aren’t normally the Noobz way, but in this case it seemed worthwhile to let people know, in case anyone was thinking of doing similar work. We won’t predict timescales, especially as everyone is very busy at the moment and there’s a fair amount of work to be done – so please don’t ask.