Here is a new version of PSP7800 the Atari 7800 console emulator!


– Sound improvement, new prosystem.dat file & NTSC Palette fix by Carpy (aka Danno)
– A thumbnail image is now displayed in the file requester
while selecting any file with the same name of a previously
saved game.
It might be very helpful to recognize that game later if you
have thousand different games in your rom folder !
– Auto-fire uses now the key mapped as Cross button instead of FIRE1
(games such as Xevious use FIRE2 for fire so it is better this way)
– In the emulator menu you can go directly to keyboard and settings
menu using the L-Trigger key.
– Fix IR keyboard issue with fw >= 3.80 for FAT PSP
– Fix random black screen issue
– Bug fix in the low battery watchdog