PSP_Bot is a reflexion/logic game, coded in C and using intraFont-G & PSPgu. This is the port of Light-Bot flash game by Coolio-Niato. The original idea comes from Matt Chase with Bill the Robot game. Graphics are made by CaptainKill with the help of Kavel Inox. The game is supplied with sources, under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

Your goal is to light up all the blue tiles, by programming your bot using 5 basic functions. You can move forward, turn left, turn right, jump and switch light. However, you can also use 2 functions, f1 & f2, in which you can put up to 8 commands each. In the main method you can put 12 commands. There is recursivity support ! There are12 level with a growing difficulty.,6308.0.html