PSPcc (PSP chat client) is a multi-network (MSN,AIM,ICQ,Yahoo! and Gtalk) chat client written in LUA. Like AFKIM, users are able to add multiple accounts on different networks and be simultaneously logged into all of them. The user-interface was designed and coded so the end-user could change absolutely anything they wish to via easy-to-use skin files. Included in the package are three original skins and also an AFKIM immitation skin to ease the transition. Another key feature is the MP3 playback capabilities. Users may switch between tracks while chatting via the keypad OR the PSP remote if applicable. Additionally, users can choose to turn on new message and sign-in alerts, and change them. Finally, chat-logging is enabled by default, but can be disabled easily.

Key Features:
– Simultaneous use of multiple accounts on different networks
– Ridiculously skinnable interface
– Mp3 playback, remote support
– Audio alerts for new message, sign-ins, etc.
– Chat-logging (can be disabled, like most features)
– Three original skins included + AFKIM skin
– Uses the faster “danzeff” typing system (custom)