Here is another update of PSPColem, the Coleco Vision emulator for PSP.

For those who haven’t seen previous versions, ColEm is one of the best emulator of the ColecoVision videogame system written by Marat Fayzullin. It’s running on FreeBSD, HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris, Linux, and other Unix systems. PSPColem is a port to PSP of Colem (Unix version 1.0).

Release notes:

This version supports IRDA-Joystick box designed by my good friend Buzz
( see for details).
If you have any electronic skills you may design your own for less than 20$ ! The Schematic and the PIC source code is provided in contrib folder of zip archive.

For those who have never heard about IRDA joystick project, the goal was to connect your old DB9 joystick (compatible with Atari , Amiga, Amstrad etc …) or a paddle device to your PSP FAT. Buzz has written the driver and designed the PCB and programmed the PIC micro-controller, while i was in charge of emulator enhancements.