PSPComic is an application specifically for the reading of comic books and manga on the PSP.


* [Feature] One command line argument is now recognized. The full path of a comic book may now be specified, and it will load when the program starts. When the book is closed, the program will exit. THIS ALLOWS A PSPComic EBOOT TO BE USED AS AN iR Shell PLUGIN!
* [Feature] New single-handed mode switches the L and R buttons allowing the program to be useful when used with only one hand
* [Feature] Square button in menu now performs several functions. See controls section for more information
* [Feature] The last comic book being read is now remembered. However, the page that was being read is not remembered
* [Feature] A comic book can now be saved to be read later. However, the page is not saved, but may be bookmarked separately using the previously existing bookmark feature
* [Feature] The bookmarks and configuration file are now stored in a common folder so that the iR Shell plugin can share bookmarks and configuration with the standalone version. The configuration file is migrated when the program is opened and the bookmark file is migrated when the first comic is opened with this version
* [Feature] Full view mode has been replaced with various autozoom modes. See the menu options section for more information
* [Feature] The zoom box now works on small images
* [Bugfix] Precaching option in menu now properly displays precaching state
* [Bugfix] One no longer has to hold down the start button to get a menu when on a page that couldn’t load
* [Bugfix] Battery now redraws while a number menu is on the screen
* [Bugfix] Number menus now always draw immediately without input
* [Bugfix] Image no longer pops up in the background occasionally after enabling the zoom box
* [Bugfix] Fixed two memory leaks associated with precaching
* [Dev note] The TinyXML makefile has changed. If you intend to compile PSPComic and have compiled the TinyXML library for PSP previously, please recompile it with the makefile provided.
* Sluggishness in menus has been fixed
* Number menus no longer flicker
* Overall stability improvement
* And many more minor changes…

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