PSPComic is a program specialized in displaying comics and comic strips.


[Feature] Themes! You can now select different themes consisting of a background, font and text colors!
[Feature] Languages! Now one can use the interface in a language other than English!
[Feature] Directories can now be opened as if they were comic books. Note that previous/next comic book does not support opening directories
[Feature] The Slim’s extra memory is now used, so much larger images may be opened
[Feature] USB mode. One can now change around the files on the memory stick by pressing select in the menu. Changes are not automatically registered, and a menu must be reloaded by using the reload menu option
[Bugfix] Fixed outstanding bug and memory leak if a filename is too long
[Bugfix] 8-bit non-color-keyed surfaces no longer display black as transparent
[Bugfix] Fixed an off-by-one error leading to a buffer overflow when resampling images
[Bugfix] One no longer has to restart the program after attempting to open a comic book in a non-existent directory
[Bugfix] Fixed minor bug with battery meter when battery is not inserted
Further rotozoom optimization
And many more minor changes…
/! Caution! Comic books with bookmarks in them must be on the memory stick
while upgrading from a previous version of PSPComic for the bookmarks to be