PSPedict is a general Japanese <-> English dictionary with many japanese Japanese entries. You can search in English via the On Screen Keyboard (OSK), or in Japanese using Hiragana / Katakana. It is also possible to search using Kanji from a Kanji Popup window, or when navigating through the Kanjidic fil. You can save and load found sets, and store up to 2000 entries in each of the four study lists.


– Included support for Tanaka Corpus example sentences.
– Fixed a bug that cut some English description strings short.
– The last English search string will be the default text in the
On Screen Keyboard(OSK). I was unable to impliment this for
Japanese text. If anyone has luck with this, I’d appreciate an
e-mail/post about how to impliment this.
– Included an application file “Edict Update”. This can be used
by the user to update Edict files if the Tanaka Corpus examples
are updated.