PSPedict is a general Japanese <-> English dictionary with many japanese Japanese entries. You can search in English via the On Screen Keyboard (OSK), or in Japanese using Hiragana / Katakana. It is also possible to search using Kanji from a Kanji Popup window, or when navigating through the Kanjidic fil. You can save and load found sets, and store up to 2000 entries in each of the four study lists.


– Kanji seach by SKIP code: This works only with the English OSK (triangle). Start the input with #. Next write the SKIP code separated by spaces. For example, input #1 4 5 searches kanjis that belong to the first pattern. Left character should have 4 strokes and right 5 strokes. You may also use number 0 as a meaning of anything.

– Kanji search by stroke count: Again you need to use the English OSK and start the input with #. Then comes the number of strokes. E.g. #3 searches kanjis that have a stroke count of 3.

– Kanji search by SKIP and stroke count: You may combine the previous two methods by writing the SKIP code first and then the stroke count. E.g. #1 0 0 5 searches all kanjis that belong to the pattern 1 and have a stroke count of 5.

– Hide kanji/kana/description: Added a new option to hide these from every menu.

– Custom dictionary: A new dictionary that the user may use for adding his/her own words and definitions. You may use JWPce for this. The file already has a few examples, so you know what you should be doing. Remember to save the file as custom.sjs if you don’t overwrite the existing one.

– Randomize Study List: While in Study List, press select. Not a perfect algorithm, but works. The location of the arrow selection has some effect.

– Some minor bugs: There are some minor bugs when the new features are used; some I could even call as “features”. E.g. kanjidic has a habit to randomize when the new search method is used. Hey, it may be a good thing! Shouldn’t have any major ones, though. However, I am already aware of a few not-completely-user-friendly bugs. Those are pretty minor, nevertheless.