PSPKVM is a KVM to run J2ME applications on PSP.

2008-02-09 20:19 v0.0.9

– Support 3.XX kernel now, tested on my PSP-1000 3.71m33 & 3.90m33 :).
– Add fake functions for WMA2.0/1.1, many games that need WMA API will can be run now.
– Add functions to “String Midlet.getAppProperty(String key)”, can run “Cang Shen Lu” now.
– Add functions for command bar.
– Add a function to load the last selected device when restart, thanks to Shawn Winnie for suggesting it.
– Add a new key “L+Cross -> CLEAR”, thanks to Jörg Westphal for suggesting it.
– Disable some unnecessary exceptions.
– Fix a OutOfMemory bug.
– Fix a bug when decode some images with transparent color, thanks to asenchai for reporting this.
– Fix the bug when display some specific letters, thanks to SOUDAN Gael for reporting it.
– Fix the bug that “SELECT” key don’t respond sometimes, thanks to Anton Buckov for reporting it.