PSPKVM is a KVM to run J2ME applications on PSP. PSPKVM v0.3.0 is a product mix of PSPKVM 0.1.0a by sleeper and pspME 0.2.1 by M@x.

Release notes:

Not an April Fool joke…
After several weeks effort, finally, we make pspkvm 0.3.0 released before April 1. The new release is combined of two JavaME porting on PSP: pspkvm 0.1.0a and pspME 0.2.1, and come with some new features, e.g networking and user-defined key mapping. Since it’s a big jump from previous pspkvm, the user experience is completely changed, I’d suggest to read the “Getting Started Guide” before you change to 0.3.0, you can find this pdf file on download page.
Plz don’t surprise if you see some regression in the new release, e.g “Game ABC cannot run now but run well in previous version”, or “Loading speed is slower than before”. Feel free to report any of such bugs or regressions in the forum, on bbs of pspkvm, or directly email to us, we’ll appreatiate your report to help us finding out all the regressions, which will be our target of the next release.