PSPKVM is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC/MIDP Emulator for the Sony PSP.


Bugfix for ‘Default CPU speed setting doesn’t work’ (tracker ID 2812036)
Bugfix for Sony Ericsson 480×272 profile issue (tracker ID 2812032)
Bugfix for ‘QWERTY board opens allcaps’ (tracker ID 2806367)
Bugfix makes available missing top half of Unicode page 0 in built-in font (Adds common accents incl. acute, grave, circumflex, umlaut over Roman characters)
Added most of Unicode page 1 (Latin Extended 1) to built-in font (Adds less common accents and characters for most languages using Roman alphabets)
Added clipboard/text selection support to the virtual keyboards
Added interface so MIDlets can request and receive events signalling raw PSP control state
Added a semichordal virtual keyboard implementation (fast input, diacritics support). See notes below re use.
Improved alpha blending for TrueType font rendering–smoother blends.
Support multi-language in Sony OSK input method