PSPKVM is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC/MIDP Emulator for the Sony PSP.


Streamlined command handling in Virtual boards–all boards now allow direct entry of commands registered by midlet authors without going through the interim text context layer. Semichordal and Danzeff boards also bind appropriate keys to OK and CANCEL command types if the midlet author registers them correctly. Allows single keystroke return from full-screen text fields in many midlets, including Opera Mini. See ‘Fast confirm/cancel’ in the wiki page UsingTheSemichordalBoard (the keys in the Danzeff board look the same).
Added experimental, compact ‘floating’ version of AWF virtual board (see AWFFloat).
Changed colours of Danzeff/semichordal keys to make distinguishing them easier.
AMS warns when you attempt to move a folder into itself or into its own child.
Changed Config midlet ‘Exit’ to ‘Done’.
AMS allows deleting of non-empty folders.
Improvements to smart positioning system in virtual keyboards, so they move properly around one-line textfields in forms.
(non-UI/non-user) added Java interfaces exposing native to J2ME control mapping–necessary to get AWF board operating properly when keys are remapped by user or ‘Western’ X/O mapping is selected.