PSPKVM is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC/MIDP Emulator for the Sony PSP.


This release improves file-based MP3 playback capability and contains some GUI enhancements. The package is a ‘bare eboot’ .zip, containing only the EBOOT.PBP (replace the one in our current 0.5.4 install or a previous 0.5.5 test build with it to add these features).

Changes include:
MP3 support adds seeking support, time display, wider compatibility with varied stream formats, support for ID3 V2 tags.
Made forms (includes AMS), lists (includes wifi selector) and menus ‘loop’ top to bottom/bottom to top when scrolling past the end; much of this is merged MR4 code.
Redrew Unicode page 03 (Greek) for the built-in font entirely–glyphs now match general pitch and appearance of Latin, Cyrillic. Added accented vowels, terminal sigma; completes modern Greek support in built-in font.
Added Unicode pages 21-26, 30-33, f9-fa, fe-ff to built-in font from old CJK-ordered tables–lost in previous builds due to various changes–adds Chinese punctuation, CJK extensions, miscellaneous symbols.
Made system folder closed at startup.