PSPLock – Keep out unwanted users!

Author release notes:

I’ve just made this file that can be used to lock out users. It has to be manually flashed in, but once installed is quite a secure way of keeping people out of your PSP. Its quick, as all that is required is a memory card to be inserted, the PSP does the rest for you, so no lengthy passcodes to be put in.

I’ve included instructions on the readme, and they are pritty straightforward, but if you get stuck (lord help us) then just PM me and I will try to give some assistance.

If you do like this, there is a small list of ideas, if you really want to see any of them implemented, or have any other ideas, just post on here.

Just as a warning, I’m running 3.10OE-A, so while it should work fine on other versions, it could come with problems, but as long as your sensible about back-ups etc, you should be safe.