Both recently released J2ME emulators pspME and PSPKVM will be merged into one project!

Here is Sleepers message from

pspME and PSPKVM merged

After a fully discussion today with M@x, the author of pspME, the two projects, PSPKVM and pspME, will be merged, and keep the name as PSPKVM. After a quickly release with sound support in the next days, PSPKVM will discard some old code to base on phoneME feature. We will try to offering a better JavaME VM on PSP.


And here is M@x’s quote:

After a wonderful meeting today, Sleeper, the author of pspkvm, and I decided to merge our works into a new project. The new project remains the name “pspkvm”, and current pspME source code will be used as new project’s code base, all the current pspkvm features (e.g Nokia UI, Chinese file name supporting and devices selector etc.) will be inherited. The new pspkvm project’s home page is now still under construction, and will be hosted by SourceForge. Sleeper and I will work together in new pspkvm project from now on, we promise to keep offering good JavaME implementation on PSP.

The next release of new pspkvm will be available with source code under GPL, and keep the game compatible list consistent with current pspkvm.

pspME project will keep alive. While pspkvm will be based on phoneMEFeature, pspME will change to implement phoneMEAdvanced on PSP, and the 2 projects will share codes for their JSRs’ implementation. Since I’ll be working on pspkvm, however, next release of pspME may not come very quickly; But once it comes, it’ll be a CDC based and JIT Compiler enabled VM.

See you in pspkvm!

pspME by M@x:
PSPKVM by Sleeper: