This software is a PSP porting of SUN open-source JavaME implementation: phoneME. The words below is copied from phoneME’s website to describe the project:

The objective of the phoneME project is to further expand the usage of Java? Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME platform) technology in the mobile handset market. The project scope includes a focus on the mainstream feature phone segment with phoneME Feature software, and the emerging advanced phone segment with phoneME Advanced software. Our goal in making these technologies available to the Mobile & Embedded Community is to reduce implementation variation, increase the rate of innovation and enable new devices to leverage the power of the Java ME platform.

You can also refer to the original website from here:

The goal of pspME is porting phoneME to Sony PSP game console. As the first step, my goal is a phoneMEFeature PSP implementation, which can enable user to run JavaME application on CLDC.


– Jpeg support
– MIDI support. Only one MIDI player can be started at same time. No sample sound support yet. But it obviously slows down the VM speed when music is playing, and start playing may take time, so plz be patient if it looks stuck while starting music :-p
Another side effect is the binary bundle is much larger than before for the MIDI soft wave table.
If you want to build from source, please ensure that you have SDL_mixer, libvorbis and libogg installed to your sdk environment.