PSPRadio is a music player application for the PSP. It supports MP3 and OGG files. It can play music from the memory stick, or from an online stream using SHOUTcast/Icecast. PSPRadio is an open source project and is protected by the GPL.


1.17.1349 (2007-03-20)
(raf) Plugins: Added some VERY SIMPLE visualization plugins. This only works under TextUI at the moment. (Look under the Options-Plugins menu)
(raf) Plugins: PSPRadio saves current selected plugin in config file section PLUGINS:DEFAULT_VISUALIZER
(raf) Core: Localfiles: Empty directories are not listed anymore.
(albadross) TextUI: Updated screens for the visualizer plugins. Added new skins: Selector2 and Spectrum.
(raf) TextUI: Converted rendering to use page flipping (double buffering).
(raf) TextUI: Added a PLUGINS:DISPLAY_FPS option to config files. (not there by default — disabled).
(raf) Plugins: Added sample sourcecode for a simple visualizer plugin to the release.
(raf) Core: Changed the default button mapping to be closer to the original mapping, (so it matches the current skins).

(raf) Core: Fixed button repeat handling that broke when implemented the button mapping. (This also corrected problems with HPRM)
(raf) Core: If resuming(from suspend) from a paused state, it would not continue from where it left off.

(raf) TextUI: Sometimes, when switching skins all the text will disappear. Moving Up/Down, or pressing START is the current work-around.
(raf) Core: Static IP connections don’t work correctly. Seems the gateway is not used as it should. (Also, make sure CPU speed is 222 when establishing a WiFi connection).
(raf) Core: Module unloading doesn’t free up all memory correctly. Even though plugins can now be loaded/unloaded, the PSP can eventually crash as it runs out of memory (after loading/unloading enough times; even though I switched back and forth between the text and 3d UIs over 20 times, and everything worked fine).