PSPRadio allows you to listen MP3’s and online streams using your PSP.

1.18.1377 (2007-04-02)
(raf) TextUI: Msgbox now goes away after 3sec (not based on frames rendered anymore, but time).
(raf) Core: (Supported by TextUI) Framerate configuration file is now set globally in PSPRadio.cfg (PLUGINS:DISPLAY_FPS)
(raf) TextUI: Now uses GU more; which reduces flickering and improves framerate.
(raf) TextUI: Cleaned up the way stream time and info is displayed while on fullscreen visualization mode.
(raf) Core: PSPRadio would crash on startup if the visualizer plugin was disabled.
(raf) Core: PSPRadio would crash on startup if the SHOUTcast database (newdb.xml) file was empty.
(raf) TextUI: Corrected problem where PSPRadio would crash when downloading the SHOUTcast database. (The problem was caused by lack of complete support for values -1 and -2 in the configuration files after the TextUI rendering changes.
(raf) TextUI: Corrected problem that caused a crash when switching from TextUI3d to TextUI.
(raf) Core: Corrected problem that caused a crash on restore from suspend mode when the wifi was enabled. Now it will also resume play.
(raf) Core: Disabled UI rendering while shutting down; this makes sure the “shutting down” screen is not drawn over.
(raf) TextUI: When switching skins all the text will disappear. This happens on occasion. Just move up or down for the text to re-render.
OE related Problems on this release
(raf) Core: Static IP connections don’t work correctly. Seems the gateway is not used as it should. (Also, make sure CPU speed is 222 when establishing a WiFi connection). Possible solution, if you have a proxy server in your network, set it up in PSPRadio.cfg. A static IP may work then. (This is untested).