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Thats Right, This program is called PSPrank – Hidden Menu.

REASON WHY: The reason why I built this program is because I would downgrade so many peoples psp’s that 3 people would come to me every week say “Fix my psp” and everytime its they were messing with something they didn’t check out first.I’ve gotten many suggestions from Forum members and I think that This is a solid first release for this program. This is program is ment to trick people into thinking they have messed up there psp, which in fact they havn’t, all because I want to teach people that they need to start researching stuff and learning about the psp community before they seriously mess there psp up.

WHAT THE PROGRAM DOES: This program in named Hidden Menu in the game menu, Of course to bring curiosity to the subject. When they run the program they will be greeted with a Disclaimer Message To “Press X to continue or Press R to Exit” (R doesn’t Exit, It still goes on,Same As if you hit X). Then a loading screen will come up for a second and then they shall be greeted by An ERROR screen with a bunch of hex coding (just to mainly confuse them), [after half a second] then It will go directly to a searching for errors screen in which they will see “!!! ERROR !!!” next to a bunch of Flash0 Files. Then go to a R.S.O.D (Red Screen Of Death) for about 2 seconds (just to let them read it lol) then the screen will suddenly go black for 3 seconds.
Now that they think there psp is totally messed up, the PRANKED screen shall come up and tell them “To research items before trying stuff or else this could really happen” with your name and a personalized message from you.

THE COOL PART: With this package I’v included a Program that you run before you put the 2 PSPrank folders on your psp. This program will ask for your Name and a Personalized message from you that will come up at the Pranked Screen.

I would LOVE new ideas and suggestions for this. I plan on making many different versions of PSPrank. So ENJOY!

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