PSPSeq is a homebrew audio synthesis and sequencing application for making music on the PSP.

Release notes:

hi – i would like to announce the latest version of PSPSeq; version 3.01. along with various bugfixes on the 3.00 release, this version also has the ability to run on phat and slim PSPs without requiring the 1.50 kernel. however, if you are running without the 1.50 kernel on custom firmware 3.80 or 3.90 you will need to install fatmsmod. this is required as PSPSeq uses flash memory extensively and file saves and loads are unusably slow when using the unpatched kernel. i have tested this on PSP phat using 3.90 M33-3 (both with the 1.50 add-on and without using fatmsmod) and it works identically.

PSPSeq 3.01 can be downloaded here:

details on installation and changes between this version and PSPSeq 3.00 are contained in the readme.txt file within the zip.