PspStates Experiment is a plugin for Dark Alex’s CFW v4.01 M33 1 or 2, which allows INSTANT saving and loading for ANY PSP game.


– Fixed important bug in inter-thread code (semaphore wasn’t waiting due to interrupts disabled), that caused the load state to not be completely read in some cases. This caused black screen after state load (unless you just saved that state, in this case state was still in ram), or even worse, game not working properly due to partial load.
– Added states per game basis. The controls are slightly different: old controls now do a local savestate/loadstate of the game, while pressing additionally select button will save/load a global state. See instructions for more info.
– Fixed bug that caused normal sleep mode waking up inmediately.
– UMD discs and isos in normal UMD mode are now supported. However, they require to nullify umdcache, by flashing one file, read the instructions below.

Note: Remember that states of the old version are all globals, and you need to press select addtionaally. Also, remember that when doing the load state of a state saved in previous version, the plugin in ram after the load will be the old one, so it is probably better to discard old save states.