PSPUAE is a port of the famous Amiga emulator UAE.


– Removed alot of un-needed code, to gain usable memory (GnoStiC and cmf)
– Optimized code to gain speed (GnoStiC)
– Added alot of defines to gain speed (FOL and GnoStiC)
– Added define to allow 10.5MB of memory, not limited to 6MB anymore (FOL and cmf)
– Changed the delay and latency on sound to gain speed (FOL)
– Changed PSPUAE cpu cycle unit to 1, gave stable speed increase (FOL)
– Removed 0 from Auto Frame Skip, pointless as it slows emu down when hitting 0 (FOL)
– Removed Interpol code as it was broken since 0.60, removing this gave speed increase (GnoStiC)
– Fixed memory selection, now only valid amiga memory configs are selectable (cmf)
– Fixed Crash, where if no Backdrop was present PSPUAE would crash PSP (FOL and cmf)
– Fixed Interrupts setting in sound, as it was still produing sound (FOL and GnoStiC)
– Added AutoZoom check to PSPUAE reset command, so each reset will turn off AutoZoom. This stops the crash with certain configs, when AutoZoom was on. Simply Press and hold L & R Trigger and SELECT after reset to turn it back on (FOL)
– Removed support for E / X-Loader and Tiff exploits as it was causing crash in Custom Firmware’s. A seperate E / X-loader tiff version is released seperately (FOL)